This site is a quick reference for Family Doctors of Ontario, Canada

Definitions of main navigation menu:

  • Clinical Presentation – definitions, differential diagnoses, and appropriate investigations
  • Clinical Stamp – for EMRs, a collection of templates cuing documentation of important Hx and PEx
  • Decision Tool - scoring systems and decision rules
  • EMR – a set of articles teaching how to create and use Clinical Stamps in PSS
  • Guidelines – links to current guidelines for common presentations and medical conditions
  • Mnemonics - common medical mnemonics
  • Rx – a list of simple, common prescription recipes

Web resources popular among medical students and residents are located on the right under Online Resources.  A more inclusive selection is available under: Web Resource Links

The contributors of this website consist of Family Medicine residents and physicians in practice.  However, none of the content of this site should be used without the critical consideration of a practicing clinician.  This site should not be used as a medical reference for non-physicians.  Since this site is not maintained by a dedicated team of developers, no guarantee can be made about the accuracy of the information, how up to date it is, or the presence of transcription errors.  FamMedRef is not responsible for any adverse medical events that can arise from the application of the content of this site to patient care (view disclaimer).