Acute Myocardial Infarction Emergency Management – MONAH
Alcohol Abuse – CAGE
AMPLE Emergent Surgical History
Anesthesia – 6 As of General Anesthetic
Anxiety Disorder – BE SKIM
Arterial Occlusion – 5 Ps
Beta-hCG Rule of 10s
Cervical Effacement – ABCDE
Charting Simple Format – SOAP
Clincal Hx Key Elements – FIFE
Coma Empiric Rx in Emergency – DONT
Complications of Fracture – DOCS
Confusion in the Eldery – DIMS
Confusion in the Eldery – METABOLIC
CREST Syndrome
Cyanotic Heart Disease in a Newborn – 5 Ts
Delirium Differential Diagnosis – I WATCH DEATH
DIABETES Follow-up History
Diabetic Foot Ulcer Management – VIPS
Diarrhea DDx – MODES
Differential Diagnosis – I VINDICATE
Differential Diagnosis – VITAMIN CDE
Endotracheal Intubation – 5 Ps
Endotracheal Medications – NAVEL
Eye Exam in Toddler – FAIR
Failure to Progress – the 3 Ps
Gluten-Containing Diet – BROW
Headaches that may need further investigation – SNOOP
History Key Elements – MADASS
History of Presenting Illness – ROPL DSCLO TRAAAP
Hypercalcemia Differential Diagnosis – VITAMINS TRAP
Hypercalcemia Signs and Symptoms
Major Depressive Disorder Diagnostic Criteria – SIGE CAPS
Manic Episode – GST PAID
Maternal Mortality
Measles – The 3 Cs
MSK Physical Exam Format – IPAPSS
Neonatal Resuscitation – MR SOPA
Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome Sx – FARM
Operable Shoulder Instability – AMBRI
Orders for a Hospital Admission
Pain History – LINDOCARF
Panic Attach Dx – STUDENTS Fear the 3 Cs
Pellagra – The 4 Ds
Physical Exam Format – IPPA
Postpartum Hemorrhage – 4 Ts
Pre-eclampsia Signs – HELLP
Psychiatric Functional Enquiry – MOAPS
Psychotherapy in primary care – BATHE
Puerperium Management – 8 Bs
Pulmonary Embolism Risk Factors – THROMBOSIS
Pulsesless Electrical Activity
Raised-Anion Gap Acidosis
Raised-Anion Gap Metabolic Acidosis – MUDPILES
Retroperitoneal Organs – SADPUCKER
SALTR Fractures
Sex History – SEX ASAP
Sex Therapy Elements – PLISSIT
Shoulder Instability Indications for Surgery – TUBS
SLE Diagnostic Criteria – SOAP BRAINED MD
Social History Organization – FIFERS
Social Hx in a Teenager – HEADSSS
Surgical Hx of Unconscious Patient – PAVE
Threatened Preterm Labour – STAT
Trauma Primary Survey – ABCDE
Vacuum-Assisted Delivery
Warfarin Interaction – 5 As